Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great Southern

These photos come from the Great Southern (67 Great Southern Blvd) Ohio Thrift. Check them out while your visiting Ohio Thrift's Half-Off Sale today. Enjoy!

Air Hockey Table

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends train play table

Gazelle Trainer fitness machine

Weslo Elliptical Trainer fitness machine

Vintage wooden desk

Victorian style chairs

Victorian style chairs

Victorian style settee

Also, check out their fun, in-store tour video!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Columbus Square

Have a few shots today from around the showcase area of the Columbus Square (Westerville, at 161 & Cleveland Ave) Ohio Thrift. Enjoy!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Northern Lights

Today we have more photos from the Northern Lights (3551 Cleveland Ave.) Ohio Thrift. Some very cool, vintage toy vehicles. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to School shopping? Already? Yup!

The upcoming school year may seem like it is still forever away, but with only about a month left of summer break (Wha? That’s right!), now is the time to start thinking about Back to School shopping…
Kids can really wear out their clothes. After a full school year of them putting their outfits through the figurative (and sometimes literal) wringer, you’re lucky if you have one “wearable” t-shirt left for the upcoming grade! Not to mention they grow out of things so quickly…
So if it’s time to let go of some of last year’s kids clothes and put together a new school year wardrobe list, here are a few tips:
1. Eliminate the closet clutter. Donate clothes that your little one no longer  A) fits in or B) “likes”. A good option for this is National Kidney Services, they do curbside/front door pickups. Also, toss out clothes that are too far gone, damage-wise, to be worn again. (tip-within-a-tip: these can also be repurposed; cut them up for cleaning rags, tomato ties for the garden or this great dog toy idea).
2. Compile a list of clothing needs. The amount of clothing a child needs depends on their age, school uniform policy, and how much you truly enjoy washing dirty/stinky kids’ clothes. ;)
3. On average, school age kids should have:
·         3-4 pairs of jeans or school pants
·         7-9 school shirts
·         1-2 pairs dress pants
·         3-4 dress shirts
·         1-2 “Sunday” outfits
·         2-3 pajamas
·         1 pair school shoes
·         1 pair sneakers
·         1 pair dress shoes 
 4. And don’t forget your budget! Kids truly don’t need designer or expensive clothing: they DESTROY wardrobes, grow out of those adorable outfits, and would prefer a t-shirt with their favorite superhero or pony on the front over a Burberry design, any day of the week. :D
Have fun Back to School Shopping!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Grove City

We have another entry from the Grove City (3060 Southwest Blvd) Ohio Thrift Store today. It's definitely a unique pair, that's for sure! Enjoy!!

Custom leather jacket with Harley Davidson patches. Size: Men's Medium.

Leather motorcycle chaps, with custom Harley Davidson kidney belt. Size: Men's Medium

Monday, July 1, 2013

Grove City

The second post today features photos provided by the Grove City (3060 Southwest Blvd) Ohio Thrift Store. I believe most of these items come from their showcase area. Enjoy!

Glamour Gals Ocean Queen Cruise Ship playset

Collector Edition Barbie dolls

Lil Rainbows vintage kid's bicycle, by Kent
Dukes of Hazzard model car kits

Showcase Vintage Toys

Early Model Limousine toy

vintage Keebler elves wall clock

Beautiful white formal dress

Northern Lights

Playing catch-up on my postings. Today will be another double-header...

First up come some lovely doll photos from the Northern Lights (3551 Cleveland Ave.) Ohio Thrift. They just received these in last week, so check them out soon. Enjoy!

Berenguer "elfs" dolls

Jan McLean doll

Lee Middleton doll

Original Saints doll collection